5 Places To Make Friends in The City

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Living in London can have you feeling like a teeny ant in a bustling colony - sometimes it's just work work work work work and a whole lot of loneliness.

Alas! loners, if you've been feeling a little like an outcast, you're not alone on this - there are plenty of other Londoners gagging to make some pals. Get out your bubble to meet some like-minded people at the social hubs below...
Drink, Shop & Do
Kings Cross
Cafe by day, bar by night - Drink Shop & Do is the place for making new buddies round the clock.

Hosting fun, kitsch-cool events including vintage hair and make-up, lego robots and dances, there's plenty of opportunity to team up with like-minded, creative people. Once you've spotted your new best bud, it's time to get to know them properly with plentiful cocktails downstairs.
Check out Drink Shop & Do here...
The Book Club
Open all day hosting everything from art exhibitions and ping-pong to spoken-word and delicious brunches.

Best time to come down and bag some mates is in the evening, when it really comes to life; serving up too-drinkable cocktails and dancing. It also has a few board games, perfect for bonding.
Check out The Book Club here...
@ RAW Wine Fair, Shoreditch High St
The RAW WINE fair is the perfect opportunity for like-minded vineo snobs to cross paths and get merry together. Their seriously large collection of natural wine will have you yakking to one another for donkey's. And with barrels and barrels of the stuff on the table, there'll be no ice-breaker activity necessary.

For those who can't make it down 15th-16th May, there are plenty of wine-tasting happenings going on in the city to jump onboard with.
Check out RAW WINE fair here...
Supper Club
Beatrix Potter Supper Club
Second to eating, the dinner table was made for chit-chat and what better way to bag some mates than at a supper club?

After The Literary Hour's success with Roald Dahl and the Grimm Tales, and just in time for Spring, they've put together a Beatrix Potter-inspired menu, with all the stolen goods from Mr. McGregor's garden.
Check out Beatrix Potter Supper Club here...
Any Night Bus
It seems that the night bus has some sort of magical powers to release Londoners from their shells to talk, laugh and sometimes even crack a smile at a stranger. Feel the love.
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