10 Gigs to Book Now (19/03)

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As we inch closer and closer to summer in London, it's important to remember a few things: sunny doesn't always equal hot, street tinnies are now socially acceptable again, and yes, you CAN treat every night like it's Saturday night. With all that in mind, we've prepped a gig guide to get you in the mood for the coming months. Party responsibly. Or just go mental. We got your back either way.
7th April
We know, we know – Good Kid, M.A.A.D City is one of those records that is basically perfect, and should be protected in a glass case, preserved in all its hip hop glory. However, for this one night, the folks at Re:imagine are taking Kendrick's acclaimed record and picking it apart - here you'll see a live interpretation performed by an arsenal of musicians and vocalists, with a full light show and visual projections in tandem. If you missed Kung Fu Kenny's recent stadium tour, this is your chance to get down to the next best thing. Everybody, everybody.
25th April
To say Adam Betts is a music genius would be an understatement - when he's not playing the most technically intricate drum beats for his main band, Three Trapped Tigers, you can find him trotting around London with musicians from all corners of the music scene and getting together to play experimental tunes. This time, he's heading to Peckham's new jazzy hot-spot, Ghost Notes, where he'll be joined by Pete Wareham and Kevin Toublant for a free night of jazz, disco and punk. You won't want to miss this.
Hero Shit
Adam Betts
4th May
It's bank holiday weekend, and that means: boozing, partying, eating an ungodly amount of carbs, spending hours in a food coma, waking up hungover. In that order. Luckily for us, London five-piece Swimming Tapes will be helping us through it - these lads are making dreamy, breezy indie tunes that are reminiscent of Real Estate, and they're throwing a bank holiday party for only a fiver. That means you can afford to get more beers in while you sway along to their lovely vibes - perfect.
Swimming Tapes
31st May
Greta Kline, aka Frankie Cosmos, has been DIY bedroom pop's sweetheart since she left her main gig as Porches' bassist in 2011. Musically, Frankie Cosmos does heartbreaking indie music like no other - her soft voice is the perfect accompaniment to her lo-fi, jangly guitars, and her lyrics about break ups, life anxiety, mental health, love and everything in between are seriously relatable. Make your way down to Scala and shed a tear or ten with Greta and Co. - it'll feel like a therapy session, just way more affordable.
Too Dark
Frankie Cosmos
5th June
If you're after moody post punk, look no further than Preoccupations - the Canadian four-piece have been releasing some of the most urgent, transcendent tunes that touch upon themes of death, destruction and self-sabotage, all with the help of some bass-heavy guitars and galloping drums. Light stuff, then. Now, off the back of their new record 'New Material', they're hitting the road and it's set to be a stomper. Seriously, these guys don't do live shows in halves - don't miss it.
Continental Shelf
9th June
If you feel like you haven't achieved anything in your life, look away now, because Ty Segall is about to drag us all through filth. The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer has released a whopping ten (for real, ten!) records, on top of various EPs, singles and collaborative albums. Seriously, this dude never rests - and somehow, the quality of his tunes remain unwavering. His unique blend of garage rock, indie, pop and psychedelia comes together to make a scrappy live show that'll be just as cathartic as it will be raucous. Get down.
Ty Segall
14th June
John Maus is a sort of a musical anomaly, to say the least. He's directly inspired by medieval and baroque music (yes, you read that right), yet his music sounds like something out of an '80s cult film soundtrack, with lo-fi, swirling synths and downtrodden vocals gliding along all his tunes. After taking a five-year hiatus from music, he came back into our lives in 2017 with his new record Screen Memories - a collection of songs that ruminate on how utterly fucked the world's political state is right now. Hey, we're with you on that one, John.
Hey Moon
John Maus
20th June
We know, it's hard to think of D'Angelo without thinking about *that* video for 'Untitled (How Does It Feel)' - it is iconic, after all. After spearheading the neo soul movement alongside the likes of Erykah Badu, Maxwell and Lauryn Hill, D'Angelo took a 14-year hiatus from music, only to come back into our lives in 2014 with his incredible record Black Messiah. Here you can expect to see him play the greatest hits from all three of his studio albums, so don't sleep on tickets, because they're moving fast. Brixton's about to get real steamy.
24th July
Psychedelic indie pop might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of Alaska - most people picture arctic foxes; weird, middle-aged men chewing on a piece of straw in the middle of a blizzard; and absolutely no sunlight. But somewhere in between the 700th hour of darkness and 500th snow storm, Alaskan five-piece Portugal. The Man managed to write some of the sunniest psych pop tunes of the past decade. Now, they're bringing their tunes to our grey little island, and it might just be the post-winter perk-up you needed.
Purple Yellow Red and Blue
Portugal. The Man
4th August
Fancy an all-day festival but don't fancy leaving the safe haven that is Zone 2? Don't worry, we got you, mate. Visions Festival is back for a party across a host of all your fave Hackney hot spots, with this year's diverse lineup particularly standing out - here you can catch Idles' stomping post punk, Laura Misch's experimental jazz, Nilufer Yanya's soulful indie pop, and much, much more. Festivities go on 'til 2am, so get some beers in, pace yourself, and dance into the night. Oh, and did we mention there's also a dog show? Now you have no excuse not to go.
Thanks 4 Nothing
Nilüfer Yanya
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