Yoga • Brunch • Ceramics
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The gals behind Xylem + Phloem have taken on your wellness goals. Yes, yours. They've designed a monthly session of yoga, brunch and ceramics workshops to make your Sundays feel all sorts of zen. Start your day right with an hour and a half of yoga and meditation suitable for all levels (thank Christ). Then nourish the crap out of your body with the likes of fresh fruit, homemade compotes, nut butters, and granola. Finally, get stuck into your ceramics session. You've got two and a half hours to make some attempt at creating art. Your passion piece will then be taken to be glazed and fired off site, you can collect it two weeks later if the suspense doesn't kill you in the interim.

Tickets: £89.67

Sunday 18th February
11:00 - 16:00
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