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Symes Mews

Politicising the Everyday
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Mornington Crescent
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Eating, scrolling, dancing, bonking: all things you've either done at some point, are doing right now, or plan on doing in the near future. You might be thinking that those are personal pursuits and have nothing to do with politics, but you'd be wrong dear user. This group exhibition, the last ever show at Camden's David Roberts Art Foundation, goes to show how the activities that make up the everyday can be political. Through thirty artworks from the likes of Prem Sahib, Wolfgang Tillmans and Zoe Williams, this is a fairly subliminal and discreet exploration of transgressing boundaries between the public and private sphere. It's almost certainly going to leave you questioning every decision you ever make, unable to choose what to watch on Netflix and spending hours deciding on what is acceptable to buy in supermarkets. And who doesn't want that?

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