Writing Wrongs: From Personal Politics to Being a Political Prisoner

100 Shoreditch High St · Wed 13th Sep 19:00

Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina in Conversation
Shoreditch High St
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Imagine joining a punk band, protesting the Russian Orthodox Church by performing a musical diatribe against the Church's structural support for your country's autocratic leader, being consequently arrested and charged with 'hooliganism motivated by religious hatred', being held without bail and sentenced to two years in prison, being catapulted to an international figurehead of political resistance, and finally being released as a PR move ahead of the Sochi Olympics. Well, that shit happened to Maria Alyokhina, political activist and one third of Pussy Riot. She'll be discussing her unwitting journey from untrained musician, to political prisoner, to global personality with artist and avant-garde musician Cosey Fanni Tutti. You definitely, probably, shouldn't miss this one.

Tickets: £10

Telephone020 7613 9800
Wednesday 13th September
19:00 - 21:00
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