Working Class Tragedy
Waterloo East
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Now then, gather to hear the tale of Woyzeck (voy-check). This German play from the 19th century originally told the tale of a young soldier who gave himself up to medical scientists to support his family, eating only peas as part of a bizarre experiment. Today, the plot has changed a little, now that playwright superstar Jack Thorne (who touches theatre and turns it into goddamn gold) has updated this classic tale of working class strife and thrust us into Berlin, circa 1980 mayhem. Here our title hero soldier (played by new Jedi on the block, John Boyega) is darting between the left and right of Berlin, trying to support his young fam. It's an old allegorical tale of working class injustice and the escape from poverty, with a new touch of magic from the man who put Potter on stage.

Tickets: £12-£60

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