Contemporary Female Photography
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Oxford Circus
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Photography, eh? It used to be relatively straightforward: flash on, button press, image stamped on film, you pick up a stack of glossy 4x6s at your local Snappy Snaps. Happy days. But if there’s one thing contemporary artists like to do, it’s over-complicate things, the results here being some innovative interpretations of what a photograph is. Julie Cockburn and Jessa Fairbrother give a bit of edge to silver gelatin prints and vintage photos with hand embroidery and needle pricking, and if you’ve ever wondered what data would look like as a sculpture, spend some time with Felicity Hammond’s acrylic works printed with digital collage. Liz Nielsen’s block-colour, luminous photograms couldn’t be further from Alma Haser’s puzzling puzzle pics and flowery builds, proving that girls can do a lot more with a camera than taking selfies. Estimated dwell time: 40 minutes.

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