Wolfgang Tillmans

Tate Modern

Retrospective • Socio-Political Works
Mansion House
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Here's one we've been hyped about for quite some time. It's the first major retrospective of the supremely talented German artist Wolfgang Tillmans at Tate Modern, and it promises to be an evocative, powerful and groundbreaking take on the world we've found ourselves in. Tillmans is an artistic master of plenty of trades including still life and abstract photography, video, digital slide projections, publications and recorded music; all presented in the innovative way that's made the guy a household name. The starting point of the exhibition is 2003: the year Iraq was invaded, when anti-war demonstrations erupted and when Tillmans became aware of the changing world. That gives a fairly good idea of the kind of stuff on display — socio-political works that tackle the big issues such as war and activism. This isn't one to let pass you by, friend.

Tickets: £11.30

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