Winter Choirs at Southbank Centre

Belvedere Road · Tue 11th Dec 13:00

Not So Silent Nights
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As children of advanced Western economies under the spell of late-stage capitalism, we love presents as much as the next worker drone. However, there are parts of Christmas that trigger something deeper within us, something from a place more wholesome. Those things include mince pies, Advocaat, and community choirs. Southbank are looking to tap into some of that soulful cheer with a series of open mic-type affairs. Throughout December the Queen Elizabeth Hall will be used for free 30-minute performances of all kinds of seasonal songs and sing-alongs, which just sounds delightful. Now all we need is a mince pie and a snowball and we're set. The times are seemingly quite random so check the website for deets.

Tickets: Free

Tuesday 11th December
13:00 - 14:00
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