What's the problem with populism?

The Mall · Tue 18th Jul 18:30

Topical Talk
Piccadilly Circus
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Populism is a word that's become aptly popular. It's the art of appealing to the everyman, the ordinary joe and it's had preeetty seismic effects across the globe. In light of the word being bandied about all over the place Jan-Werner Müller, Professor of Politics at Princeton, presents a talk asking what populism actually is and what might be problematic about it for democracy, with a following response and audience discussion led by journalist Ash Sarkar - Senior Editor of Novara Media. Müller addresses the question of whether right-wing populism should be opposed to left-wing populism and asks what populists actually do when they gain power. He'll be suggesting some cultural strategies for engaging with populist movements - we'd probably better pay attention.

Tickets: £1-8

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Tuesday 18th July
18:30 - 21:00
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