Mindful Triathlon
Battersea Park
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Have you ever seen an Olympic triathlon and thought to yourself, 'I could do that?' No? Us neither. But don't worry, this is not that - Wanderlust 108 is as chilled as triathlons get. It features a 5k run (or walk), followed by a 90-minute yoga class and a 30-minute guided meditation session. You can handle that right? But they've not stopped there, oh no. At the site you'll find workshops in aerial yoga, slacklining, hula hooping, cooking demonstrations, sound healing, breath work, an Ayurveda garden and basically anything remotely wellness-y. If that cash is getting too heavy in your pocket, there's also the Kula Marketplace, showcasing 60 local craft vendors selling clothing, jewellery, handcrafted items and new-fangled wellness products, promising you the world.

Tickets: £14-42

Tickets £14-42
Saturday 15th September
07:30 - 17:00
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