Walter de Maria: Idea to Action to Object

20 Grosvenor Hill

Don't Touch the Sculptures
Bond Street
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Walter de Maria was a man with a lot of ideas - some tricky to digest, others pretty rad (though sadly unrealised). This show presents a series of drawings (alongside some sculptures), detailing de Maria’s thought process from the vague and barely explainable scribbles to the humorous and witty, where he explains how his art is intended to be understood (hint: not terribly easily). When some of the sculptures first exhibited in the 60s De Maria invited the viewers to touch and interact with the artworks, creating a sense of movement and dynamism to his pieces that was integral to their purpose. Now the very unfriendly gallery assistants at Gagosian look deeply unimpressed at us when we jokingly ask if we can do the same. Everything was more fun back in the 1960s we swear… Estimated dwell time: 30 mins

Tickets: Free

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