Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt

Cromwell Road

Exploring Interactive Storytelling
South Kensington
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Video games have managed to shake the stereotypes of old about spotty nerds and potentially violent CoD bros in their mums' basements, and today are recognised as a flourishing art form and storytelling medium. Developers are building entire universes for players to explore, narratives that can unfold in direct response to player agency, and experiences that can immerse players in ways that traditional media cannot. Can you tell that we like them? The V&A are hosting a celebration of this blossoming new media with an exhibition focusing on the developers behind the games. It'll examine how writing, art design and story telling have grown to what they are today, and the challenges of making art that is controlled by the viewer, not the artist. With concept art, prototypes, immersive large-scale installations, and a room of playable experimental games, come explore this portal into limitless digital worlds.

Tickets: £18

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