Victor Payares: Esol Parcheesi

69 Roman Road

Site-Specific Installation about Memory
Bethnal Green
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You can normally rely on Roman Road to put on something a little strange and unusual, so we're quite intrigued to check this solo show from Cuban artist Victor Payares. He's been given the green light to create a site-specific installation in the space that is kind of like a trip down memory lane for the artist, as he looks to simulate memory and its long-reaching effect on the psyche. Paintings that reference the Parisian windows found in his grandparents' house; a tiled roof, a 3.5 m antenna and a large-scale painting that reflects on the power outages that used to occur; canvases that are formed of objects that make up his every day and litter his past. It's an interesting musing on memory, and worth half an hour of your time.

Tickets: free

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