Birthday Partay
Dalston Kingsland
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So London's queer community has a very serious milestone to celebrate. The crucible of alternative queer experiences and home of some of the best basement parties in town is turning a decade old. Oh VFD, what memories have been made (and wiped away) in your welcoming bosom. Thanks for all the drag, the cabaret, the dancing, the workshops, the protests and more recently the focus on femme-centred events. Deets for the big day will be dropped soon, but it's also gonna be a celebration of Femmetopia's first birthday so you know it will probably be (a) very reasonably priced entry and (b) some kind of artistic manifestation of a gender-queer utopian fantasy. As per, we're very much looking forward to it. And by goddess, you should be too.

Tickets: TBC

Saturday 19th January
20:00 - 03:00
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