Valda Bailey: The Sun Beyond The Shadow

448 New Cross Road

Abstract Photography
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New Cross
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We are all about the Wabi-sabi. No, that’s not some philistine typo of wasabi (although we are all about that too), it’s a Japanese concept that in short, is all about embracing imperfections and impermanence. Think of it as the really zen version of those Motivation Monday posts from @jstlbby. The work of Valda Bailey embraces these ideas; her photography uses double exposures and intentional blurring to create abstract, gestural pieces that go against the idea that perfect photographs need to be in focus and communicate real life. Gold, silver and copper leaf are introduced by hand and add even more texture and painterly flourish, combining modern photography and ancient craft. Namaste, yeah? Estimated dwell time: 20 minutes.

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