Adventurous Music About Dislocation
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Here's one of those music events at the Barbican that you might not completely understand, but will feel pretty cool about attending once you see how well dressed the other concert goers are. Unsound Dislocation is a particularly adventurous music festival with three special, otherworldly performances that all centre around the topic of dislocation. NIVHEK (Liz Harris/Grouper) & MFO present 'After its own death', a paradoxically minimalist work – equal parts harsh and dreamlike – created in the isolated landscape of Murmansk, deep in the Russian Arctic. The Caretaker (Leyland Kirby of V/VM), draws on his mysterious collection of 78s to create music searching through memory and time, with visuals from Aphex Twin collaborator Weirdcore. Meanwhile London-based electronic musician felicita will be working with traditional dancers from Poland’s Śląsk Song and Dance Ensemble to pair Folk dances with mournful piano melodies, ambient noise, and wild synthetic Pop.

Tickets: £17.50-22.50

Telephone020 7638 4141
Friday 8th December
19:30 - 23:00
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