Unleash presents: Raving Iran

54 Holywell Lane · Thu 27th Apr 19:00

Documentary • DJs • Q&A
Shoreditch High St
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Here's a real fascinating evening for those interested in either music, film or charity. If you like all three then you're really going to like it. First things first: the documentary. Raving Iran is a gripping documentary that tells the tale of the music scene in Tehran and exposes the persecution faced by two Iranian DJs (Blade and Beard). That will be followed by a Q&A with the guys themselves, followed by a DJ set by, of course, Blade and Beard. That's a lot of Blade and Beard, and by the end of this night you're really going to feel like you know their story. And this is all for charity. Don't tell us you're not the charitable sort.

Tickets: £25-40

Thursday 27th April
19:00 - 02:00
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