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Camden Market

Youth in Revolt • Photography
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Kentish Town West
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Youth in revolt is just never going to get old is it. Who doesn't like seeing some young whippersnappers throwing two fingers up at the man and doing things their own way? If you don't, we'd seriously suggest skipping this exhibition as that's the whole shebang. This is a photographic documentation of London's iconic youth movements, from the rave scene of the 80s to East London's grime MCs of the early 00s. Featuring work from the likes of Dave Swindells, Gavin Watson, Normski and Molly Macindoe, expect to see plenty of individualism, independence, and creativity. The venue is also going to turn into a big youth club, with vintage arcade games, music and table tennis down there too. It'll be just like the youth clubs of the old days, though hopefully without the lingering threat of violence.

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