Unconscious Archives Festival 2017

18-22 Ashwin St.

Audiovisual & Sound Art Special
Dalston Junction
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We're pitching up on the leftest side of the leftfield here with a festival focused on groundbreaking sound art and audiovisuals. Unconscious Archives have slowly made a name for themselves in very alternative, underground arty circles to the extent that they're now putting on a festival: three events and an exhibition at prestige spots such as Cafe Oto and Corsica. To break that down a little you've got an experimental live film show, 'Narrativize', at Shoreditch's Close-Up Film Centre; a hand-built and coded electronic music show 'Haptic Somatic' at Corsica Studios, and a digital performance technology showcase 'Compositional Constructs' at Cafe Oto. They call this an exploration of 'materiality and embodied liveness across sound art and electronic music'; we're not 100% on what that means but if you want to try something very different, why not this?

Tickets: £8-24

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