Transcending Boundaries

6 Burlington Gardens

Digital Installations
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Green Park
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*You need to book a time slot to see this, available at the link provided* Gazing at works mounted on white walls can sometimes get slightly repetitive so here's a visually refreshing lil' break from the norm: the first major solo show from teamLab, an art group excellently described as 'ultra-technologists'. To be called ultra anything is no mean feat, quite frankly, so our interest is already piqued. What that seems to mean, cutting through the spiel, is that they're makers of interactive digital video art installations. This particular show will be exploring the role of digital technology in transcending the physical and conceptual boundaries that exist between different artworks. So imagery from one piece breaks free from the frame and enters the space of another. Removing the distinctions between artwork and exhibition space, you'll find yourself bopping through rooms filled with butterflies, black waves and waterfalls. Just imagine how nice that'll look on your feed? Isn't art great.

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