Trajal Harrell: Hoochie Koochie

Silk Street

A Performance Exhibition
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The Barbican is Burning under the strangely calm and collected fierceness of Trajal Harrell, who's gone all the way from catwalking through the balls of Harlem, to introducing the art of hoochie coochie to dumbfounded Englishmen. He does this by strutting, sassing and sashaying in a room for hours on end, whilst people with taste move around and nod together in acknowledgement. Blending together past and present, here and there, gender and sexuality, class and race, Trajal Harrell showcases once again how subcultural dances can shake things up. So head to the Barbican, see a cool exhibition, pop in to see Trajal, then go get a cocktail, because there's only so many rad things one can do in a day. You can enter the room between 2pm and 8.30pm, from Thursday to Sunday, every hour or every half hour.

Tickets: £12.50

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