Tomo Campbell: There

205 Royal College Street

Paintings Got Flow
Free entry
Camden Road
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What does it mean to be ‘there’? If you want the philosophical answer, it’s probably going to vary a lot depending on who’s speaking, and if you want the quantum physics answer, it’s going to vary on speeds you can’t measure, plus you’ll probably have to believe in time travel and shit. It feels like this constant state of flux and movement is what London-based painter Tomo Campbell is trying to get at with his solo show at Cob. In terms of style, his paintings are very hard to pin down, harking back to Renaissance and Victorian-era works, alongside antique ceramics and medieval tapestries. They make this exhibition the equivalent of holding onto a bar of wet soap, but it looks good so wdgaf. Estimated dwell time: 30 minutes.

Tickets: Free entry

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