tokyobike x Ace London Photography Ride

100 Shoreditch High St · Sat 14th Jul 10:00

Scenic, Photo-based Cycle
Shoreditch High St
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The nice thing about this bike ride is that if you can’t make it, you can always pretend you did by spending hours looking at all the Insta content it produces. tokyobike are providing a fleet of their especially photogenic cycles to take you through some especially photogenic riverside scenery, and Kodak will be lending all riders one of their 35mm film cameras to capture every candid, twee moment that occurs (they’ll develop them for you too). Things kick off at 10am at Ace Hotel in Shoreditch with a morning coffee (and probably some guy telling you how to not die/drop their camera in a canal) before you skrtt your way down to the Thames and the Victoria Embankment. From there you’ll be taking back roads to Richmond Park through all the greenery those ends provide. The pace is relaxed and the mood meditative, and you’ll finish back in Shoreditch feeling hecka smug with a sack load of pics that you can slowly and meticulously force into your less-proactive friends’ faces.

Tickets: £25

Saturday 14th July
10:00 - 15:00
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