The ShayShay Show - Winter Magic

281 Kingsland Road · Tue 11th Dec 19:30

Queer Magic
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What would Christmas be without a sprinkling of magic? Pretty lame, that's what. This ain't the type of magic you're thinking of, though. You know - flying reindeer, elves and all that malarkey. This is more along the witches coven, energy-cleansing, cast-out-the-bad-juju vibe. Shay Shay, of Clash Bash notoriety, has gathered a group of queer shamans and sorceresses for an evening of multi-racial, multi-faith ritual performance art. Yep, you read that correctly. Yaya Bones and Glamrou will be headlining, so if you're in need to dispel any of this year's toxic baggage before gliding on into 2019, or if your chakras could do with a good old alignment, this is the cabaret for you.

Tickets: £8

Telephone020 7684 0794
Tuesday 11th December
19:30 - 23:00
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