Street Party • Record Fair
Free entry/ After party £5
Peckham Rye
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Showing that Record Store Day's reach doesn't make it all the way to SE15, The Run Out is a street party celebration of DIY culture. This is about celebrating independent music on its own terms, rather than ones put to it by RSD, and will feature a record market along with live music and food in Copeland estate. Labels such as PAN, Hyperdub, Rhythm Section, Phantasy, Banoffee Pies, and YAM Records collectives will be making themselves known whilst Balamii radio station will be broadcasting. There'll also be a discussion with industry business owners chatting about independent music businesses, before an after party erupts at Rye Wax, where things will really heat up.

Tickets: Free entry/ After party £5

TicketsFree entry/ After party £5
Saturday 22nd April
12:00 - 02:00
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