The Run Out 2018 - A Celebration of DIY Culture

133 Copeland Road · Sat 21st Apr 12:00

DIY Delights • Free
Peckham Rye
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Where would we be if people didn’t do some stuff themselves? Well we wouldn't have The Run Out 2018 for a start, a 12-hour takeover of the Copeland Gallery that combines a record fair, film screening, workshops and a club night. Expect an independent label market featuring South London faves like Yam Records and Rhythm Section, or cop some dubplates from Banoffee Pies Records and friends. Other highlights include a talk on how London's disappearing venues affect the nightlife scene and a workshop on mastering vinyl. Come nightfall, expect live music and DJ sets from the likes of Beatrice Dillon, Micachu, Happy Meals and more. Oh, and it’s freakin' FREE.

Tickets: Free

Saturday 21st April
12:00 - 04:00
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