The Night Shift - Peckham

133 Rye Lane · Tue 26th Feb 19:30

Classical Music Comes to Bussey
Peckham Rye
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The vicious cycle of live classical music is that it’s rarely playing anywhere where real people hang out, and therefore the general public are way less into it than they are Despacito or Peter André or whatever the kids are listening to these days. The Night Shift are trying to remedy this by bringing their antiquated jams to more popular surrounds like the pub or, in this case, Bussey Building. People forget that classical is meant to be danced to, so come and get down to something other than techno. For this edition, Matthew Truscott will be on violin and Max Mandel on viola, with harpist Alice Phelps supporting with some folk.

Tickets: £5-10

Tuesday 26th February
19:30 - 23:00
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