Emerging Artists in the Capital
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Aldgate East
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It feels a bit counterintuitive to try and describe the burgeoning change and radical chaos happening in London right now using the work of a very select group of artists, but the judging panel of the Whitechapel Gallery’s London Open exhibition - which included semi-cynic artist Ryan Gander and deputy editor of Frieze Amy Sherlock - have done a pretty good job with their curation. Among those featured are the conceptual artist Rachel Ara; Gabriella Boyd and her acidic, painted snapshots of contemporary numbness; and Larry Achiampong, who’s responsible for some sinister audiovisual works addressing racial discrimination and post-colonial attitudes. And there are plenty more political, economic and gender-related issues to be mused on in the rest of the exhibition. Plus, it only happens every three years, so go have a look because the next time it’s on you might literally have a child or something. Estimated dwell time: 45 minutes.

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