The LOL Word: Prom Night Special

Leake St · Thu 28th Feb 22:45

Comedy Kweens
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You know how your mum still thinks LOL means lots of love and you keep meaning to explain to her what this LOL word is? Well this is something entirely different. This LOL Word is a queer comedy collective that focuses its jokes on punching up at the patriarchy rather than kicking down (i.e. no transphobia, racism or sexism). This is their Prom Night Special, showing as part of Vault Festival, which will see Chloe, Rachel, Ruby, Jodie and the other Chloe dressed to the nines a la Debenhams 2004, for a late night break-down of some of the funnier moments of adolescence.

Tickets: £10

Thursday 28th February
22:45 - 23:45
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