The Jellied Eel

76 Walthamstow High St

Festive Cocktails & Croquetas
St James Street
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This Grade-II listed building is a real sight to behold - the original exterior remains, as does the wooden door, window frames and the interior tilling in all its glory. An authentic and legendary East End eatery if ever there was one. By day, it's still going about all its usual business, but on Friday and Saturday evenings over the Xmas period it's turning into a buzzy bar, injecting a little youth and er... pink lighting into the place. At this hour the order of the day isn't jellied eels and pies, it's cocktails and croquetas. Cocktails like zesty clementine gimlets; punchy sazeracs, or a deeelish mulled wine twists on a sour. And croquetas like wild garlic and spinach; or the classic jamón - all handmade by the v skilled Juan Piñas and Javier Garcia. Dreamboats.

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