Talk • Design in the Renting Market
Holland Park
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'Gen X' was the coolest generational nickname - based on their alienation, it basically screams grunge; 'Baby Boomers' are next because it’s all about how much people boinked after wartime. And 'Generation Rent'? Yep, we’re the least cool-sounding demographic, defined by our inability to afford homes due to sky-rocketing house prices and stagnant wages (and the fact that we spend what money we do get on avocados and flat whites and misplaced entitlement). This talk at the design museum looks at how designers are responding to this new rental market and what they can do with product design to help those that are stuck in sub-standard living conditions. Tbh, if they can figure out a way of getting a dozen succulents from one flat to the next without damage, we’ll be happy.

Tickets: £7-10

Wednesday 16th January
18:30 - 20:00
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