The Espresso Martini Society

12 Moor St

Cocktail Pop Up
Tottenham Court Road
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Some concepts just sell themselves and 'The World's Largest Espresso Martini Menu' does exactly that. The Espresso Martini Society is hosting a 20-strong menu over April and May filled to the brim with various spins and tricks on the classic cocktail. The exact concoctions that will be served are on a strict need to know basis atm, but with names like 'The Nut Job', 'The Peanut Butter' and 'A-List Avocado', we're pretty pumped. Ticket price includes a classic espresso martini to get you going and an 1hr45min slot in which to sample some others. As for your mind? We're not sure what's gonna break it first - the caffeine or the alcohol.

Tickets: £10

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