The Espresso Martini Society

42 Hanbury St

Cocktail Pop Up
Aldgate East
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There's a buzz around this Shoreditch society - although that could just be the caffeine. This pop up bar is back for their second run dealing in one thing: espresso martinis. With the world's largest menu of the things, punters can choose from a range of over 20 inventive spins on the classic - we tried hazelnut, chocolate brownie, cherry, gingerbread and tiramisu before we had to stop due to health concerns over the strength of our heart palpations. If you wanna try them all, consider going decaf. They're popping up at Canvas in Brick Lane for a couple of weeks. You'll have to book, and tickets are a tenner but come with a complementary martini - essentially a convoluted way of saying, if you wanna come you have to have at least one cocktail, which is fair.

Tickets: £10

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