The East London Afro Disco

29-32 The Oval · Sat 15th Sep 18:00

Easy moving
Cambridge Heath
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Taking you through a night of sounds from across the African continent comes Afro Disco. The name 'Afro Disco' is pretty self-explanatory in what you should expect to hear, so spend a day and evening with Jazz Café regulars London Afrobeat Collective and groove master O'Flynn as they delve into all corners of their record bags, from South African house heaters, Kwaito jams and Nigerian Latin (yea, it's a thing) to undiscovered gems. There'll be an early evening BBQ, alcoholic ice lollies and stalls selling bits 'n' bobs to also keep you entertained.

Tickets: £10-20

Telephone020 7183 4422
Saturday 15th September
18:00 - 04:00
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