The Dreamers Ever Leave You

Surrey Quays Rd

Immersive Ballet
Canada Water
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The real issue with going to the ballet, is that you can't stand up, climb on stage, gaze into every dancer's eyes and snap a pic for your gram to make you look like the performance art aficionado that you so clearly are. Until now, of course - why else would we say that? Rising choreographer Robert Binet has a thing for an immersive, innovative performance. This time around he's inviting his audience to take a stroll and meander between 13 exquisite dancers from the Royal Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada in the eery, minimalist confines of Printworks, one of this city's finest raving establishments. Only tonight the dancers are at least slightly more sober and a whole lot more talented - get up close and watch their muscles tremble as they hold an arabesque, or the trust in their eyes as they pas de deux together; feel the power, the intimacy, the inhale and exhale of a moving art piece. Then go hashtag that shit.

Tickets: £15

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