Queer Cabaret and Burlesque
Camden Town
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How’s your Thursday night looking, a little dry and dusty perhaps? A generous squirt of warm, thick Cocoa Butter should sort that out in no time. The Cocoa Butter Club’s roster of queer performers of colour is one of the most sought after black books around. Their mission? To moisturise a thirsty club scene with representations of the Other in everything from neo-burlesque to poetry, live music and voguing. So lotion up, baby, because this month’s lineup includes contemporary dancer Cleopantha, rising cabaret star Miss Demi Noire, and the incredible spoken-word artist, Travis Alabanza. Enough to have you screaming 'yaaaaas queen, smell like cocoa butturr up in hurr!'

Tickets: £3

Thursday 30th March
19:00 - 02:00
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