Hackney Wick
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Our inability to distinguish between simulation and real life, hyper-reality, is a bloody nightmare. With Love Island currently plastered across our Instagram stories, it's starting to feel like reality is six tanned robots trying to fuck in a house full of cameras. And if we can't separate that from the real world, what chance do we have of objectively analysing more salient made-up "realities", like gender binaries or ingrained societal inequality, for example. Well, thankfully, the art world is primed to swoop to our collective rescue once again. The Authentic Fake, by the Young Blood Initiative, is an evening of live art performances dedicated to examining the relationship between our realities built from tradition and the repetition of ideas, and the deeply personal realities of individuals. The line-up includes movement, music, poetry and art performance from the like of Mirei Yazawa, Hugo Hamlet, Valentina Stocco and Lily Ashley. It's gonna be wild and will hopefully provoke some thought on your end.

Tickets: £7.92

Saturday 16th June
20:00 - 22:00
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