Taut Line: Beatrice Dillon

Somerset House · Thu 7th Dec 19:00

Sound Installation
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Various things come to mind when we think of ‘deep listening’, but making and listening to music in the deep caves and caverns of the Peak District isn't one of them. Beatrice Dillon, known for her residencies at NTS Radio and Somerset House Studios, has been beating the drum for 'deep listening’ as a way to encourage thoughtful awareness of sound and the physical application of a space’s acoustics. Whilst you can't listen to her music in its original cavernous setting, Beatrice Dillon is recreating the experience in the rarely accessible tunnelling beneath Somerset House. Expect headstones dating back to the 1600s and rotting chapel remains, which, as you walk through the space, will constantly adjust what you hear to give the feeling of moving through sound. Tickets are £5, and the experience will last 20-25mins.

Tickets: £5

Telephone020 7845 4600
Thursday 7th December
19:00 - 21:00
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