Block Party
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Dalston Kingsland
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Here's a straight up, community-based, good-vibes block party in Dalston - a celebration of culture from the street with live art, dance, fashion, sports, music, food and more. You like one/all of those things, we’re sure of it. After a short hiatus, StreetFest is back and offering a free party with all the good stuff. On the main stage, expect OGs of the London broken-beat scene Co-Op to be running things; elsewhere you'll find a mini-ramp jam featuring 20 skaters doing some nice tricks; live art from graffiti artists; a dance programme; and a food quarter on Bradbury Street reaching all the corners of the map. What's missing? Live tattooing, street barbers and merch? Nope, that's all happening too.

Tickets: Free entry

TicketsFree entry
Saturday 15th September
13:00 - 22:00
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