Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

Tate Modern

Visualising Resistance
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As afros go uncombed, Black Lives Matter continues to roar and hip hop culture makes its way into the hearts of us all, the Tate Modern has decided it's time we harkened back to the civil rights movement and reminded ourselves what Black Power is all about. Think of the sleek, militant swag of the Black Panthers, with their berets and their unwavering faith in the power of righteousness. Think Malcom X, Martin Luther King, or Angela Davis. These revolutionary figures inevitably resonated across the art world, finding their way into bright portraits, bold collages, intricate murals, radical clothing, and now Tate Modern. With over 50 artists featured in this exhibition, no theme has been left untouched: the rise of black feminism, the struggle to find a voice, the creation of a uniquely black and proud aesthetic, you name it. Go and let these artists give you an education, because damn you need it - if only to clock a few more references in Kendrick’s lyrics.

Tickets: £15

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