Sony World Photography Awards 2018


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It's easy to become anaesthetised to incredible photography - we've scoped your Insta, we know you're as capable of it as anyone else. That said, this annual award show is quite simply the world's largest, most varied photography competition. Go to this and you're guaranteed to see insane pictures that seem to defy reality; images that'll have you rubbing those eyes and whispering to your pal that you, 'cannot believe this shit'. This exhibition is divided into around 10 categories, including Architecture, Conceptual, Contemporary Issues, Daily Life, Landscape and anything else you could reasonably expect. 600 photographers are on display within the long hallways of Somerset House, and you could spend hours here in wide-eyed wonder until your feet get tired. Catch it whilst you can - it's not in town for long. And good news! We've got a promo code for you to get 20% off - just click 'book now' below and enter DOJO18 when the time comes.

Tickets: £10-18

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