Skate Lates: Dalston Superstore

Strand · Wed 12th Dec 20:30

Clubbing On Ice
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Your preferred East London queer rave destination is taking itself on a little staycation: Dalston Superstore is packing up its decks and driving over to Somerset House for a night on the ice at this year's Skate Lates takeover. Hands down this'll be the coolest dancefloor in town (see what we did there?) and it'll be a real test of your raving skills. Can you skate backwards and shimmy at the same time? Can you fist pump without slipping over and looking like a complete twat? There are so many questions, and the only way you'll get answers is by grabbing yourself a ticket.

Tickets: £17

Telephone020 7845 4600
Wednesday 12th December
20:30 - 23:15
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