Signe Pierce: Metamirrorism

Unit 3, 1st Floor

Live Immersive Projections
Free entry
Cambridge Heath
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Go ahead and Google ‘dichroic film’ and just think about how much fun it would be to spend half an hour in a room plastered with the stuff, together with abstract video projections and disorientating lights and mirrors. Well, Signe Pierce is here to grant our wish in the form of her new installation in Cambridge Heath. The projections are actually generated by a live recording, so you’ll feel all spontaneous and “in the moment” and shit. The images and shadows cast by the performance artist’s set-up draw parallels with Plato’s ‘The Cave’, where prisoners watch a simulated 'silhouetted' version of reality, instead of seeing the real objects that cast the shadows. See, spontaneous AND philosophical. We’re making you a better person already. Estimated dwell time: 30 minutes.

Tickets: Free entry

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