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Chef Fumio Tanga is in the coolest of the cool Institute of Light for the next six months, bringing okonomiyaki to the table. Fumio's grandparents ran a shop called Sho Foo Doh in Hiroshima till the late 80s so he's named his business after theirs (so he could reuse the uniforms, sneaky). Okonomiyaki translates to 'whatever you want grilled', which sounds delish to us. It's actually a pancake type thing. You might have seen the Osaka-style one (a more doughy pancake where all the ingredients are mixed into the batter) but this baby is Hiroshima style. It's made up of layer upon layer of yum, starting with a thin crepe, then cabbages, beanshoots, pork belly, egg noodles and an omelette. It's then topped with benishoga ginger, spring onions, mayo and that dark, sweet and tangy sauce that makes everything so delish' in Japan.

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