Sexual Warfare

St James’s

Forward Thinking Feminist Photography
New Cross Gate
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Long before you’d uttered your first 'yaaas kween', or drunkenly misquoted Simone de Beauvoir at a party, Alexis Hunter was stalking the streets with her camera, developing her critical eye and forging the version of feminism that informs our modern day sensibilities. A pioneer amongst female artists for her politicised pieces, Hunter challenged the art world with her bold questioning of the status quo and upending of male dominated discourses looking at gender role-play and working with fetishised objects. These photographs explore sexuality and feminism through the lens of the capitalist world, observing how marketing and commercial language is a breeding ground for misogyny, and then flipping it on its head. This show is a capitalist critique, a radical photo-reportage, and a whole lot of feminist fun all rolled into one. Estimated dwell time: 45 mins

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