Santiago Montoya: Surfin' USA

144-146 New Bond Street

Bank Note Sculptures
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Bond Street
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After years of field research, we've realised that there are all kinds of things you can do with money. One thing, shown by the Colombian artist Santiago Montoya, is to create socio-politically motivated works of art that explore the culture, currency and political issues of the USA. Well, we've spent it on worse things. He cuts, alters and stretches the bills to explore the meaning beyond their surface, creating a unique visual language by reinterpreting paper currency as both a canvas and raw material. The aim is to explore complex subject matters with a little bit of humour: combining the pop vocabulary of Warhol with the aesthetics of popular culture — icons like Mickey Mouse and The Velvet Underground are used to draw attention to the social and financial crises that have affected 2016.

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