Robin Footitt: Modern Grammar

6D Sheep Lane

Critiquing Modern Life
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Cambridge Heath
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This solo show from Robin Footitt is all about exploring the way we punctuate the modern world of social media. The way we live, he's claiming, is punctuated by increments whether physical, emotional or functional (birthdays, anniversaries, death); and these are commonplace tools in social networks to announce and broadcast how we are changing, improving or full of sadness. In broadcasting these moments we are formulating a grammar that is evolving/elevating our social status – becoming more computer generated and abstract. Here you'll lay eyes on a variety of media: dye on lycra; flexed aluminium sculptures; silkscreen prints that recomposit elements of the Like, Share and Comment functions on Facebook. Plenty of thought provoking works here that take a little while to work out - but give it some time and the meaning soon surfaces.

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