Revolution Day - Stop Trump, Stop Brexit Party & Protest

Soho Radio, 22 Great Windmill St · Fri 13th Jul 12:00

Let's Get Angry and Dance
Piccadilly Circus
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If you haven't already heard, Donald Trump, aka, Mr Oompa Loompa, King of the Cretins, official Assaulter-in-Chief, and all-round 'bad dude', is coming to town on Friday the 13th. Now, we at Dojo aren't superstitious types, but that is rather... ominous. Obvs the whole of London is protesting this - including you - so get your placards and your fighting spirit and head out onto the streets. If you're looking for a good base, this party at Soho Radio could be just the place. It's BYOB, with a stellar line up of DJs including the likes of Jackmaster, Eats Everything, Seth Troxler and Heidi, to name a few.

Tickets: Free

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