RA Lates: The Other Paradise

Burlington House · Sat 19th Aug 19:00

Boutique Arts Themed Late
Green Park
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Summer might have scarpered off at the first sight of August, but let's not let that get in the way of a mystical summery late at the Royal Academy. This time the theme is based loosely around paradise, and 'fantastical night worlds' -nicely ambiguous and ready for you to paint it in whatever colour you see fit. As always, there's a variety of bits and bobs happening that you can choose to dip into or completely ignore: mermaid life-drawing, tropical disco dancing, an immersive production of Milton’s Paradise Lost, palm trees, secret bars, Egyptian holographic fairy tales, mermaid crown-making, talks on Greek mythology and utopia and Persephone-inspired performance art. The £45 ticket is by no means cheap, so perhaps this is one for a special occasion or the like.

Tickets: £45

Telephone020 7300 8090
Saturday 19th August
19:00 - 23:45
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