RA Lates: America Dreaming

Burlington House · Sat 22nd Apr 19:00

Exploring 1930s America
Green Park
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We know some Americans are certainly dreaming of a simpler time - a time of global market collapse and widespread poverty. Ok, maybe not, but the current era in American history isn't exactly all sunshine and unicorn farts, either. Hark back to 1930s America at RA's late this month, exploring the American Dream during the Great Depression. The American Dream was calcified as an ideal during the Great Depression, and helped motivate a nation struggling with mass unemployment, urbanisation, and industrialisation. RA is going to be all over the Depression-era American D - expect Grant Wood's famous American Gothic painting come to life, an old Hollywood-style film shoot, an Art Deco music hall, a Georgia O'Keeffe-inspired life drawing session, political soapbox talks, and more.

Tickets: £35

Telephone020 7300 8090
Saturday 22nd April
19:00 - 23:00
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